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Marilia and I respond to the various risks we encounter in different ways, but there is one risk that conjures fear in both of us and often leaves us simply hoping for the best.  Over the past 9 months we have sailed roughly 8,000 miles where we have endured medical emergencies, long ocean passages, heavy winds, sharks, jellies and many more threats.  When people ask us how we deal with exposing our kids to those risks we barely attempt to explain that it simply isn’t that different than the level of risk in ordinary life; however, ask us how homeschool is going and we start to stammer and cluck.  We do our best to keep Sophia (10) and Julia (11) engaged in their hometown school’s curriculum with extra emphasis on math.  Our belief is that the lessons out here are invaluable.  Some of our best moments have been when that is most apparent and especially when it comes from unexpected places.  Call it serendipity.

We made our Australian landfall in a small town called Bundaberg, known for its rum and a daredevil pioneer named Bert Hinkler who broke many records at the dawn of aviation.

Words By: teamnogal

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