Tarsius Monkey

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The Tarsius Monkey Is One Of The Worlds Smallest Monkeys. You May Have Heard Of Gollum In ‘the Lord Of The Rings’ Well, He Was Based On The Tarsius. One Of The Coolest Thing’s That Budi Taught Us About The Tarsius Is That It Uses Extremely High Pitched Sounds (That Humans Cannot Hear Because It Radiates At A Such A High Frequency) To Communicate. When A Tarsius Is Invading Another Tarsius’s Territory, It Uses That Sonic Communication But Higher Pitched To Break The Invaders Eardrums And Then Kills It. Budi Also Taught Us That They Have Discovered That The Tarsius Lives On Both Sides Of The Wallace Line.

This Has Made Scientists Wonder If The Wallace Line Is Accurate Or Not.
Budi Explains How He Used Positive Energy To Connect With These Animals In The Video Below.

Words By: teamnogal

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The Wallace Line