Who We Are

Nature reveals to us that change is constant. Creating ways to participate in that change is what defines opportunities that lead to good fortune. Our goal is to teach our children this lesson while showing them the world.

Marilia and Frank made a pact when they were married in Brazil – they would do everything possible to set sail on a world adventure by their 10th anniversary. A few years behind schedule, but making it happen nonetheless. Prepare with equipment and schedules to sail downwind while seeing as many places as possible for a year and a half, no…two years, maybe three – we could really see the world in four years. We have a general idea of sailing around the world over the next 3 years, which may or may not happen.


Our Boat – Nogal


We spent many months finding the right boat for this trip. We chartered several, including an Atlantic 57 named Cerulean for a week in the Grenadines. As much as we tried to rationalize our way into another boat, we simply could not step away from the thrill of the forward cockpit and the accomodations of the Atlantic 57 designed by Chris White. Unlike many of the other catamarans, the Atlantic 57 was built to perform first as a sail boat. Incidentally, we highly recommend a charter aboard Cerulean.

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Frank’s first forray toward life on the ocean was when he joined on as crew aboard a 170 foot yacht in the Mediteranean when he was 19 years old. That boat was scheduled to travel from the Med to the Seychelles. Frank developed a plan to use it as a stepping stone to circumnavigate the world, which did not happen on that trip.



Marilia met Frank in 1998 when Frank sailed into Salvador as part of a big event that was in part organized by some friends of Marilia’s sister Magaly. Marilia moved to Menlo Park, California with her son Joao to start a new life together with Frank following their marriage in 2003.



Julia has an extraordinary level of endurance and can often be found bouncing around making herself busy while everyone else is flat in rough weather. She stands watches and knows how to do most everything on the boat. Julia has a passion for cooking and especially baking.



Sophia is funny – real funny – and keeps us all laughing when times get tough. Sophia found her groove once we got across the Pacific and started moving around the islands in our dinghy. Even though she is the youngest Sophia is often the first to dive in – whether swimming with sharks or jumping into the current for a hair-raising drift dive, when Sophia is in she is all in.